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Tined Weeder Pro

AS 600 M1 / AS 900 M1 / AS 1200 M1

The AS Series Tined Weeders efficiently pull out weeds that have germinated, leaving them on the soil surface to wither. Approximately 90% of germinated weeds are stopped in thier tracks. With the available widths of 19'-8", 29'-6", and 39'-4" for the AS 600, AS 900, and AS 1200, respectively, there is a tined weeder for every operation. Plus, these weeders are great combined with our PS 300-PS 500 Air Seeders. Great for organic operations.


  • Possibility to mount 15/64", 1/4" and 5/16" tines
  • 25/32" longer wear tips on the tines - longer service life
  • Greater end angle of the tines for excellent harrow result
  • Feeler wheels that can be adjusted to the track width
  • Smooth folding due to curve control and longer hydraulic cylinders
  • Lower linkage catch tongue for easier coupling of the harrow
  • Uniform work pattern across 39.4 feet due to ideal tine spacing of exactly 1-1/4"
  • Easy central tine adjustment per section due to screw-less connection
  • Constant ground adaptation of the harrow sections through chain suspension
  • Uniform application of pressure by the forks on the harrow sections on undulating ground due to individual suspensions and lateral compensation of each individual fork
  • Lateral sections automatically pivot in due to parallel guidance
  • Independent ground adaptation of each individual section array to ground countours

Order Pneumatic Seeder PS 300 M1 - PS 500 M2 with electric or hydraulic fan

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