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Rejuvenate Grass with the GS Grassland Harrow

The GS 300 M1, a compact cultivation implement, has a working width of 1'-10". It can be used by small tractors starting at 27 hp. Perform up to five tasks with the GS with only one pass, saving time and energy. It also reduces soil compaction and fuel consumption. The GS 300 M1 can be used with Pneumatic Seeders with electric fans such as the PS 300 M1.


  • Spring-mounted leveling plate (available as accessory) for leveling molehills or irregularities
  • Every harrow section can be used at various relative thickness. This achieves optimal soil adjustment. Simple tine adjustment of the 3rd and 4th row
  • Can also be used in arable farming!

Items Included:

  • Complete implement with 2 frontal rows cranked 3/8" and 1/2" tines
  • 2 rear rows cranked 5/16" tines
  • 2 feeler wheels

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