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GK 250 M1 Combination Harrow

The GK 250 M1 is ideally suited for any and all grass management applications, including pastures, municipal operations in parks and public spaces, and commercial construction sites. The width of 8'-2" allows for loading on a flatbed trailer for manageable transport between locations without the need for permits. The combination of spring-mounted leveling plates, 15/16" spring tines and hydraulically operated trailing roller results in excellent soil preparation and seed-to-soil contact for improved germination. The GK Series accomplishes 6 tasks in 1 pass: leveling, dethatching, shallow weeding, aeration and seeding while ensuring excellent seed-to-soil contact. All at 10-12 mph! The GK Series also provides great versatility by providing for separation of the harrow and roller sections.


    • Multiple tasks completed in one pass: levels, dethatches, weeds, aerates, seeds and ensures seed-to-soil contact
    • Harrow and roller can ve spearated without tools
    • Harrow can be mounted on front 3-pt. and roller can be mounted on rear 3-pt hitch for greater stability in steep terrains
    • Separate use of roller and harrow possible
    • Harrow aggressiveness adjusted on individual rows
    • Leveling plate manually adjustable for varying heights
    • Cultipacker roller pressees seed to ensure soil contact
    • Minimal to no repairs for seasons long benefits

    Items Included:

    • Harrow section has two rows of adjustable 15/16" spring tines
    • Manually adjustable spring-mounted leveling plate
    • Three cultipacker/roller options
    • Hydraulic cylinder to adjust roller
    • Integrated tool holder in frame
    • Support for implement when in parked position

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